Lakeview Center 
Learn about Lakeview Center's Behavioral Health Services.
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West Florida Community Care Center (WFCCC)

Mission and Values

Our Mission is to help people throughout life’s journey by providing an environment in which individuals can learn skills, build positive relationships, and gain hope for a happy life. Our core Values support an environment where patients can heal.

  • Ownership - accountable, engaged, stewardship, responsive, committed
  • Integrity - honest, principled, trustworthy, transparent
  • Compassion - empathetic, merciful, sensitive, kind, giving, forgiving, hopeful
  • Excellence - safety, quality, distinguished, learning, improving
  • Service - welcoming, attentive, humble, respectful, exceeds expectations, collaborative

Behavioral Health Services  |  1221 W. Lakeview Avenue  |  Pensacola, Florida 32501  |  (850) 469-3500